Video wall visuals at SXSW at Empire Control Room provided via Lovetech by Dom at Doda Visuals!


McKay Garner is a relentless explorer of sound and music. To help shape his personal perspective of music, McKay has hacked existing instruments and musical interfaces to make new ways to create or control sound through countless trips to the hardware store. His live shows often include warping traditional ways of playing drums, keyboard, and wind instruments, as well as using his own custom-built hardware or software instruments and controllers to create or manipulate notes, effects, and more. Some audience favorites are the drumbot, The Wheel, and this year will surely be the Sousafauxn! McKay studied music at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and plays several instruments. He spent many years playing drums for other artists and is a veteran recording and mixing engineer, producer, composer, and sound designer. McKay often combines field recordings, found sounds, and his own personal acoustic recordings with synthesizers, samplers, live and programmed beats, and processed sounds to make pieces of music or sound collages that keep ears and emotions engaged. His live and recorded music can contain both planned and randomly generated musical events in varying degrees. Be sure to catch McKay on the Lovetech U.S. tour this year including Austin’s SXSW Conference and at music festivals this summer!

Happening now…


I am in the studio finishing new stuff. ANNNND I am working with an amazing visual artist, Ruxin Zhang, on a music video for the first single from the new record “Cannon for Planets!” I am super duper excited about the work we are doing and can’t wait to share!

Listen to some previous works while waiting to see the new stuff with big beats on tour!


Here are some previous uptempo collaborations with Adam Tenenbaum (of Giant Metal Crickets) as doppio.

“Elephant in the Room!”


“A Fistful of Fazers”


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